Treat Yourself

Portioli Espresso


The sun rises and the day begins @arodocafebarcrete, with a cup of our exquisite quality blended Portioli Espresso by Espresse. 


portioli 2-min.jpeg

Arodo Xperience

After a full day of adventures, we invite you to relax in our loft and chill with a variety of flavored shisha. 

shisha club3-min.jpeg

Spirits & Cocktails


Throughout the day, we offer classic cocktails, low (or not!!) in alcohol as well as our own recommendations inspired by Prohibition and the Tiki Culture (Thank you Don!!)

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Arodo Beers


As the sun goes down and the music raises up, you can enjoy beers from Greece and around the world accompanied with yammie finger food.

beer time-min.jpeg

Arodo Bits & Bites

hungry logo.png

And for those who feel a bit hungry, you can escort your drinks with handmade pizzas, our favourite Arodo BBQ burger or even - the best as our guests say - Clubhouse sandwich with french fries!!!!

big burger-min.jpeg